Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Mon Oct 10 00:58:07 UTC 2005

Sorry if this has been around many times before, but I've done quite a 
bit of reading and searching for some type of human readable guide for 
setting up the lm_sensors for hardware monitoring.  I've dorked around 
with the stuff in the system here, but after looking at the 
/etc/sensors.conf, I don't think I want to delve into that and try to 
pull out the right group of settings.  It is definately a bit 
intimidating.  So, is there any other software already written or in use 
for hardware monitoring that does not require a PhD to set up?  The 
current sensors displays both the ISA and smbus readings, but none are 
even remotely close.  The board uses thermistors for temp, which is 
mainly what I want to monitor.


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