[CentOS] centos on 64M 350Mhz pentimum II

luis cazzola cazzola_luis at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Oct 10 16:41:01 UTC 2005

ok, but its run ok? what things do you touch in the
kernel config? because i have an p233 whith 96 mb and
i would to run centos.
 --- Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com> escribió:

> All,
> I have an old computer 64M 350Mhz pentium II.
> centos os 4.1 installs on it fine. however on boot
> it says low memory and it kills certain processes.
> httpd or sendmail.
> I have a 2GIG swap and I did a chkconfig XXX off on
> a few things
> like xfs, nfs, httpd, kudzu.
> My old 2.4 kernel used to run in 4M with a swap...
> I had recompiled the kernel (took a while) to enable
> the cyclades module.
> Any suggestions on running with low memory, thanks,
> Jerry
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