[CentOS] Boot hanging with rhgb

Richard R (Dick) Rutledge r3dick at comcast.net
Mon Oct 10 16:48:00 UTC 2005


	I have installed Centos-4.1 and love it over Fedora or Mandriva.  A big
thank you to all the hands and minds that have put together a very good
distribution.  However I do have a problem when I boot with rhgb enabled
in grub.conf.  The system hangs at the end loading IE(when the bar is
full).  I can get bye in either of two ways. The first is to switch to a
virtual console before the system hangs and the other is to remove the
rhgb option in grub.conf.  I would ask for any comments on how to
trouble shoot this problem so it can be fix.  Or if it is not important
please tell me and I will remove the option from grub.conf.  Thank you
in advance for your help.

Dick Rutledge

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