[CentOS] Boot hanging and app for ham radio

Jim Perrin jperrin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 17:22:42 UTC 2005

On 10/11/05, Richard R (Dick) Rutledge <r3dick at comcast.net> wrote:
> Jim,
>         Thanks for the suggestions.  I think you hit the nail on the head with
> the nvidia card.  X runs great with no obvious problems.  I only need to
> get one more app runing and it is for ham radio.  I am trying to compile
> a app called soundmodem.  It interfaces the computer with a ham radio
> for packet operations.  When I compile it I get errors telling me xml is
> not available.  In my search for xml I have found that xml is replaced
> with xml2.  I tried changing the source calls for xml with xml12 but it
> failed with modules not being present, and none of the names that it was
> looking for were not system modules.  But I will get it going somehow.
> The app will be used by Emergency Services in the county where I live.
>         Thanks for your help on the X problem.

No problem. Couple things about xml, make sure you have the devel
packages installed for libxml2 (libxml2-devel), but also in dag's
repo, there are libxml++-devel and libxml++ which may work for you.
Some things aren't specific about what they need, so you may need to
watch build errors and output carefully, and combine that with lots of
'yum provides foo' to fix.  Changing source calls for xml to xml2 will
probably break, because there are a fair amount of differences.

Jim Perrin
System Administrator - UIT
Ft Gordon & US Army Signal Center

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