[CentOS] Can't access files at localhost

Steven Vishoot sir_funzone at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 11 18:12:01 UTC 2005

--- Dave Gutteridge <dave at tokyocomedy.com> wrote:

> I've created a symlink inside my /var/www/html/
> folder called "web",
> which is points to a my /home/dave/web directory.
> Inside that directory, I created a folder for my web
> site called
> "website".
> I thought I should be able to access that web site
> through FireFox by
> going to either:
> httpd://localhost/web/website
> ... or:
> http://localhost/web/website
> ... but I just get errors. It says that httpd is not
> a registered
> protocol, and the connection to
> localhost/web/website was refused.
> Am I not addressing these sites correctly? Have I
> muddled the directory
> trees or http protocols somehow?
> Just to be clear, the directory with all the html
> and php files is:
> /home/dave/web/website
> The symlink is:
> /var/www/html/web
> Dave
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What little i know about Apache, but i thought when
going through the web browser it treats it like a
other user so that will not have access to the
directory /home/dave/web/website. Is it asking for a
user and password when you go through the web browser?
This one i am Probably way off, but that is my .02
cents worth to think about.


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