[CentOS] Wherefore whitebox?

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Oct 12 09:21:24 UTC 2005

Benjamin Smith wrote:
> I'm a recent convert from WBEL. My biggest concern with CentOS is that the 
> community here seems to want to be more than a recompile of RHEL. 

The base distro is nothing more than a recompile - there is no reason 
why you should have any reasons to doubt that [1]. You will actually 
find that we stick with Redhat's product line a lot close than Whitebox 
does ( for EL4 atleast ).

CentOS, as a project, does indeed provide more options via extra 
repositories - but if you dont want them, there is no reason for you to 
enable and use them.

> But WBEL is floundering, what with Katrina and Rita, and there really being 
> only 1 developer behind it, etc. 

That is because he has refused any outside help, Whitebox is built for 
his own use and he will not accept anyone else's work in there. If that 
means there are no updates for 5 - 6 months at a go, so be it.

- K

[1] if you do feel otherwise, feel free to point out specifics and we 
can address the issues.
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