[CentOS] (no subject) -- re-subscribe my IEEE with NO posting privileges

BS thebs413 at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 12 13:05:46 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 10:34 +0100, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Bryan,
> One of these days you will wake up and realise that the whole world is 
> really not out to get to.

It was a *JOKE*!

I've made 2 posts in a month -- one that finally address a serious
tangent (and many people thanked me off-list) -- and this one, just to
make a little fun of the situation.  I *KNOW* several people got a laugh
out of the second one, and the first one was _sorely_needed_ when a
"switched from RHEL back to Windows Server" article and resulting thread
was looking like a lot of "Linux infighting" and "Red Hat bashing."  I
like to think I made a very careful technical analysis and post on that

*NOW* considering I help 4-5 people *OFF-LIST* PER *DAY* -- outside the
arrogant non-sense of your "off-topic" and, in many cases, "very mean
spirited 'help'" -- I do *NOT* think the "whole world is out to get me."
In fact, I just think about a dozen people hear just like to focus on
_others_ instead of themselves (yourself included ;-).

> Till then, if you have a point to prove, feel free to do so offlist,
> as you had said you would - For now, I am unsubscribing your email
> address's here.

I already unsubscribed my "Yahoo" address right after I sent the
message.  That keeps me from posting except when I want to.  Just like I
am doing with this message.

Now you had *BETTER* put my "IEEE" address _back_ on-list with no
posting privileges.  That way I can help people off-list.  There have
already been about 5 posts in the last 2-3 weeks that *NO*ONE* answered
on-list, but I did off-list.  *THINK* of the people *I*DO* help.

And not of you're "I can't stand this Bryan Smith buy, even though he's
only posted 2 times in the last month, and he only made 1 joke."

> Your one post here just added to the thread, that I did ask to be left 
> alone.

I'm not asking you to explain your motives, they are already considered
"unobjective" by many.  I do find that I've made no less than a half-
dozen _CentOS_-specific posts in the past you've labelled off-topic.
Furthermore, you've taken the arrogant stance that I'm a "Fedora-only"
guy and not an "enterprise administrator."

Sounds like someone had an "ego problem" to me.  But if I give my
background, I'm "flaunting my resume."  So what's it going to be?  Your
continued assumption that I only do Fedora and don't know how to deal
with "enterprise" networks?  Or will you let your ego finally go?

No offense, but your continued arrogance and self-appointed "I know
what's right for the group" is growing tiresome.  It would be one thing
if you were objective.  But you've smashed _good_ technical threads that
_do_ have CentOS clearly in focus.  You've belittled technical details
you don't understand (e.g., Firefox.i386 on Red Hat.x86-64 distros), and
the intelligence of others.

That's why I help people *OFF-LIST*.  It's not worth it.

> For everyone on this thead :
> I am also unsubscribing the other moron who argued this list is 
> unmoderated so do as you please. Goto Usenet if its usenet you want. And 
> if its humour you want, there are other places to get it.

Take away my IEEE posting privileges -- I don't mind that at all.  And
that's why I only subscribe my Yahoo or Earthlink account to my 1 post
every 2-3 weeks.  I did it on 9/29 on the Red Hat thread.  I did it
again yesterday just to make a joke.  Com'mon -- 2 posts in a month!

So you have *NO*RIGHT* to keep me from being a "read-only" list member.
I have far too many people *OFF-LIST*!

> We dont have strict Topic guidelines, but I dont consider it 
> unreasonable to maintain some Topic sanity. Everyone has had their 
> laugh, Dave has said that the post was in error, now lets drop this.

But apparently my _single_post_ was "too much to take" for you?

You're a personally-vindictive, *UNPROFESSIONAL* individual, and I'm
personally and professionally tired of it.

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