[CentOS] Should I and can I upgrade GTK+/PyGTK?

Tom admin at homemachine.net
Wed Oct 12 13:54:58 UTC 2005

Chris Mauritz wrote:
> Tom wrote:
>> don't be put off by some of the answers here Dave, centos is primarily 
>> for servers but I use it on all my desktop machines besides my 
>> servers. you can pretty much add any application to your system that 
>> was intended for RH9 upwards including fedora without too much problem 
>> and dag covers most of the good stuff. what you cant find in dags repo 
>> get from rpmfind.net...I use webmin for that.
> CentOS is perfectly fine for desktop/workstation use.  However, if 
> you're new to Linux (like Dave) and you want to use unsupported 
> tools/components, you're going to have to dig under the covers and 
> customize things.  If you don't know much about Linux internals, that 
> could turn out to be a supreme pain in the behind.  My suggestion is to 
> "use what works" until you're comfortable with the inner workings of the 
> system.  THEN you can experiment when you have some of the skills 
> necessary to get out of trouble if you break things.  Switching to 
> Fedora Core (whatever's current this week), Gentoo or Ubuntu or 
> whatever, might improve things somewhat.  I suspect a Linux "virgin" is 
> going to have just as many issues with those if they try to get off the 
> beaten track of supported packages.
> A good analogy is someone who is disappointed with their new car because 
> they can't change the camshafts or pistons by themself to make more 
> power without spending a lot of money on an expert or by repeatedly 
> breaking things and taking a lot of time to learn to do it themselves.  
> Better to just drive the car until you can learn more about how its 
> engine works.
> Cheers,

exactly, and I think Dave has enough sense to realise this but there are 
ways around everything. I have many applications installed that 
theoretically shouldn't work with centos/rhel but do. he wants to stay 
with centos and can but with some of the replies to his questions I 
can't blame him for wanting to switch distros.
let's just give helpful answers or none at all!!!

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