[CentOS] Politics, List Moderation, etc.

Jacob Leaver jleaver+centos at reachone.com
Wed Oct 12 16:47:54 UTC 2005


Just a quick reminder that the list is about CentOS.

And, since it's about CentOS, I just wanted to spend a couple minutes
and thank the guy(s) that spend all the time and effort in repackaging,
and making things work well.   As a sysadmin, I really, really, really
appriciate it.  CentOS fills a niche that I think Redhat was
short-sighted in neglecting, though I believe that I understand the
reasoning behind the decision.  

To the developer(s):   Please don't let the bickering and negativity get
you down.  For every loud voice or strong personality, there are
doubtless scores of folks that are using CentOS quietly.   I think the
CentOS project has a strong future, and many of the insignificant issues
that are cropping up are symptoms of growth and project momentum.

Regarding list moderation:   Of the lists to which I subscribe, several
are moderated, and there is a general policy that corrective action
happen off list.   Public berating is rarely effective, in my
experience, for it leads to defense, general malaise, the taking of
sides, and other nasty and usually unintended side effects.  Just
something to consider...

As an aside, for the folks who read this far down, is there somewhere
that I can look for CentOS volunteership, stuff as needs to be done, and
like that?


Jacob Leaver
Senior Systems Adminstrator
ReachONE Internet

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