[Off-list] Re: [CentOS] Updates not catching up ?

Preston Crawford me at prestoncrawford.com
Wed Oct 12 20:04:17 UTC 2005

On Wed, 12 Oct 2005, Craig White wrote:

>>> rpm -qp --changelog
>>> ftp://ftp.redhat.com/pub/redhat/linux/updates/enterprise/4ES/en/os/SRPMS/kernel-2.6.9-22.EL.src.rpm
>> Na. The laptop works now and the wife is happy. That's all that matters
>> right now.
> ----
> 1 - had to add '--nosignature' to get above command to work from CentOS
> machine and it gave me the changelog.

I'll try it later. Thanks.

> 2 - If you want to know what they added to the kernel, I really think
> the changelog is a good place to look.

I'll look. To be honest, I just glanced at the command up above and 
thought it was a command to actually get at the latest kernel. So I 
misunderstood. I'll check it out later.

> If you don't want to know and are happy with Ubuntu on the laptop and
> you know Red Hat doesn't up the kernels on their Enterprise stuff unless
> necessary, why did you even bother asking (or stating your impending
> excitement)?

I'm sort of happy with it. I mean, it works, supports my wife's MP3 
player, etc. So I'm reticent to part with it. But I just find Ubuntu to be 
less stable overall, so I'd like to have everything be CentOS if at all 
possible. Plus there is software I sometimes can only get as an RPM. Plus 
I'm not fond of Ubuntu's way of handling root (i.e. there is a main user 
who does everything via sudo). So I'm always anxious to stick with CentOS. 
I just didn't see what your command was actually doing. I'll check it out 
later for sure.

> I was under the impression that some of the acpi tools aren't part of
> the kernel but are available as add-ons.

It's true. But the kernel drivers have to be there for your particular 
hardware. In my case it works, but not quite as well as it could. The 
biggest thing, to be honest, is the ease of use of the MP3 player. She 
plugs it in and it just pops up and lets her drag and drop. If the kernel 
contains some backports of updated USB drivers, etc. it might be worth it 
to me to put it on the laptop. I can always test it on my desktop which 
WILL get upgraded when 4.2 releases.


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