[CentOS] DoS Attack

John Hinton webmaster at ew3d.com
Wed Oct 12 20:51:48 UTC 2005

Yesterday, I had a DoS attack on a php/mysql webpage which uses a lot of 
resources. I have learned today, as a for instance, in the last hour, 
about 3000 requests for that page were made by 610 different servers, 
mostly from 'odd' places... China, Russia, Poland, Turkey... the usual 
suspects from my experience.

The bottom line is this... I hit server loads of 142 yesterday!!! And 
the server never crashed! Yeah, it might as well have been dead, but it 
wasn't. Yes, some things shut down temporarily... but the machine never 
went down. This is a remote server, about an hour away.. It took about 
20 minutes for my mysqld stop command to execute, but with time it did 
respond! I'm extremely impressed by this and just wanted to pass this 
'trivia' along. EL rocks!

John Hinton

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