[CentOS] Anyone use fetchmail for multiple users?

Maciej Żenczykowski maze at cela.pl
Wed Oct 12 23:54:26 UTC 2005

> Anyway, I only want to run it for two people. Would I just run both of them 
> in daemon mode?

If you want to run it for two people then just set up the "~/.fetchmailrc" 
file for each user and run "fetchmail" on each users account

example "~/.fetchmailrc" file:

set daemon 1800
poll server.pl protocol POP3 tracepolls
     user myname smtpname email+tag at destination.pl
poll server2.pl protocol POP3 tracepolls
     user myname2 smtpname email+tag2 at destination.pl
     user myname3 smtpname email+tag3 at destination.pl

and "fetchmail" added to the end of "~/.bash_profile" which loads 
fetchmail when you login (or pings it to force refresh) and it stays 
loaded till reboot.

>> I suppose there have been people who have gotten it to work for a domain
>> but generally, you could probably work out a store and forward with your
>> ISP and use ETRN to pull in email for an entire domain instead of using
>> fetchmail.
> Maybe. We're just individual users, though, so just being able to pop the 
> email is easier if we can do it.
> Preston
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