[CentOS] DoS Attack

John Hinton webmaster at ew3d.com
Thu Oct 13 22:16:22 UTC 2005

Chris Mauritz wrote:

> John Hinton wrote:
>> It's actually one of our very old boat anchors.. the replacement for 
>> which is sitting here waiting for me to move stuff. It's an old 
>> Compaq 3000R with dual 500s, a gig of ram and 6 18.2gig wide ultra 
>> drives .. raid 5 with hot spare. Dual P/S, redundant fans... was 
>> state of the art in 1999! ;)
> Yeah the 3000R and 1850R machines were built like the proverbial brick 
> outhouse.  Until very recently, I had a few laying around as backup 
> DNS servers and mail servers.  We donated a few 1850R's to a local 
> school and they're using them for the school district's web server and 
> mail server.  8-)
> These days, I just get a pile of commodity rackmount machines and hide 
> them behind a Foundry ServerIron or Cisco Localdirector for the 
> anthill labour effect.  Of course, if some numbnut with a zombie farm 
> wants to take you down, there isn't a whole lot you can do about it 
> unless you've got some serious bandwidth and lots of server 
> horsepower.  Sysadmins should just donate $20/year each to the 
> "kneecap a hacker" fund and just send some bad people in to "reason 
> with" the cretins.  8-)
Yeah... KaH fund! Actually, what would be just as good is to do 
something like have all the people on the CentOS list start 
pinging/packeting the crap out of said machines. The combined bandwidth 
would easily overpower any body except maybe the likes of Google. But, 
alas, this IS illegal activity in this country (US and others) and we 
could easily wind up with the authorities pounding on our doors.... 
but... gee... if our laws don't reach into these other countries, then 
why should our laws apply to us if we were doing it to these other 
countries? Could WWIII be a ping war? :)

John Hinton

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