[CentOS] Can't access files at localhost

Dave Gutteridge dave at tokyocomedy.com
Fri Oct 14 00:11:36 UTC 2005

> It really all depends on what he wants to do with it.
> if its going to be accessed by everyone or is just for
> him? that is something that would have to be decided
> before any solution can be thought of.

I'm really the only person who uses my computer, but that might change.

In the case of using localhost to view web files, I'm definitely the
only person who will ever access Apache on this machine. I have no
intention of making this machine available on the internet or any
network for anyone else to view web files.

As far as other users go, I might create an account for my girlfriend so
that she can surf the web and check mail and things like that. She's
unlikely to do some heavy exploration on the machine and cause much

Anyway, basically, there will at most be two users. Of those two users,
the one most likely to do any damage is me, as I'm the one who will be
installing programs and stuff like that.


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