[CentOS] DoS Attack

John Hinton webmaster at ew3d.com
Fri Oct 14 02:07:13 UTC 2005

Johnny Hughes wrote:

>>Yeah... KaH fund! Actually, what would be just as good is to do 
>>something like have all the people on the CentOS list start 
>>pinging/packeting the crap out of said machines. The combined bandwidth 
>>would easily overpower any body except maybe the likes of Google. But, 
>>alas, this IS illegal activity in this country (US and others) and we 
>>could easily wind up with the authorities pounding on our doors.... 
>>but... gee... if our laws don't reach into these other countries, then 
>>why should our laws apply to us if we were doing it to these other 
>>countries? Could WWIII be a ping war? :)
>I could just ping mirror.centos.org toward them on release day ...
>GeeWhiz ... there is a lot of you guys out there updating your
>CentOS :) 
Could you please? I'll send a list of the 610 IP addresses which were 

You are a victim of your own success! I wish I had a huge thread in here 
so I could donate some viable bandwidth. Oh well.... maybe one day.

Thanks for all the fantastic work!! I'm sure I can speak for many who 
are appreciative. Maybe you'll have to create a separate announce list 
for the quarterlies and only let 100 notices go out every eight hours or 
something. ;)

John Hinton

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