[CentOS] Possible to install centos keeping folders intact?

Lamar Owen lowen at pari.edu
Sat Oct 15 20:15:04 UTC 2005

On Saturday 15 October 2005 08:56, Chris Mauritz wrote:
> That said, I've managed to do this on a few occasions to preserve the
> /home partition without incidident.

I'm not going to say that I recommend it, but I've kept the same /home since 
pre-RHL6.0 days, doing a mix of scratch reinstalls, upgrades, and going 
through three laptops to the one I'm using now.  Started on a Toshiba 
Satellite 225CDS, went to a Toshiba Satellite 265, then to a Sony VIAO 
FXA-49, and now on a Dell Inspiron 600m.  That includes several Ghost 
sessions and a couple of dd's to go between harddrives.

The reason I say I don't necessarily recommend it is that housekeeping in 
a /home that old involves lots of DIY repairs... :-)  Particularly when I 
started out using Netscape Mail back in 5.x days, and migrated to kmail once 
Red Hat saw the KDE light and have upgraded my ~/Mail since the very first 
kmail release.  So I have a mutt of mbox and maildirs, with some messages 
quite old (that I brought over from Netscape; I even migrated from Windows 
95's Netscape Mail, so I have e-mail in the system from 1996).
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