[CentOS] Update 4.2 broke LVM

Kevin Krieser k_krieser at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 16 19:51:20 UTC 2005

I upgrade using YUM my CentOS 4 system the other night.  I was  
noticing that X wasn't coming up because of a gdk_thread issue  
(actually, the window manager wasn't starting.  I cold get X to start  
from the command line).

Surprised that it took 587MB of downloads, since I was current as of  
September 29th.

When rebooting, I was forced to the login prompt, because my LVM  
group with my home directory couldn't be mounted.

I'm not very familiar with LVM, I had only used it to make one  
consolidated directory for my 100 and 160GB hard drives.

Though lvmdisplay could show the volume group, fsck and mount didn't  
like it.

Oh, and the upgrade didn't fix the thread problem.

Anyone have an idea whether it was just me having the LVM problem?

I'm currently reinstalling CentOS4 (pre update 1) from CD.  At least  
when running diskdruid, I could mount the LVM group.  So, after my  
install, assuming it is still visible when booting from hard drive,   
I'll backup those drives before running YUM again.  I'f the window  
manager doesn't start up again, I'll reformat on my next install.

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