[CentOS] Hosed by 4.2

Robert kerplop at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 17 03:09:29 UTC 2005

Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Robert wrote:
>> I did a yum upgrade AFTER first manually installing the new kernel. 
> why did you manually need to install the kernel ? 

Because a "yum update kernel" offered to install the -SMP kernel.  This 
is, no doubt, an artifact of anaconda & associates deciding at the time 
CentOS4 was first installed that an SMP kernel was appropriate for an 
Athlon XP in an ASUS A7NX8 ver.2 deluxe m/b, compounded by my packrat 
reluctance to throw it away at the outset. 

> you can / should use yum to do that for you. perhaps go with a 'yum 
> update yum' before you kick everything off with a 'yum update'. 

THAT is what I would definitely do different.

> if you really want the kernel in and running before you do the yum 
> update, then do a yum update yum; yum update kernel; reboot; yum update

No.  I didn't want -- or have -- the new kernel running before the 
update.  I simply wanted it to be available.

I'm reasonably sure everything is gonna be O.K. Yum is one of the 
packages that gets reported twice:

[root at mavis yum.repos.d]# rpm -q yum

The correct version gets executed:

[root at mavis yum.repos.d]# yum --version

...but the list of files installed is screwy.  So, it looks like my work 
is cut out for me:

[root at mavis yum]# rpm -qa | gawk -F-[0123456789] '{ print $1 }' | sort | 
uniq | wc -l
[root at mavis yum]# rpm -qa | gawk -F-[0123456789] '{ print $1 }' | sort | 
wc -l

I'm not overwhelmed by brilliant ideas for scripting the obvious. :-(


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