[CentOS] Can't install CentOS4

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Mon Oct 17 09:47:38 UTC 2005

Ajay Sharma wrote:
> My email server is running CentOS 3 and I can't upgrade it to CentOS 4 
> using the CD's.  At first I thought it was the old Megaraid card (that's 
> no longer supported), so I replaced that with a new card.  I've tried 
> ISO's from CentOS 4, 4.1 and now 4.2 which I've tested and booted in 
> other machines.  Just not this one.

if the cd-rom wont boot this machine, when it does boot on another 
machine - the most likely cause would be bad cd-rom or cd-rom cant read 

you could try booting over the network using PXE or just use the 
kernel+initrd from the pxe images, add them to the local grub loader, 
boot into a network install.

remember that there is no CentOS3 to CentOS4 upgrade path, you need to 
boot with the  'upgradeany' option and force CentOS4 onto the machine.

Perhaps, as has already been suggested, a fresh install might be better ?

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