[CentOS] Tomcat 4 on Centos 4.1

Ed Clarke clarke at cilia.org
Mon Oct 17 11:24:52 UTC 2005

Peter Farrow wrote:

> Had anyone managed to install Tomcat 4 on Centos 4.1
> I want to run OpenNMS but the dependancy list is tortuous to say the 
> least (Tomcat4, J2SDK etc etc etc )...
> I have rpms for tomcat that install ok, but then the services give a 
> ton of errors about missing files when you start/stop them
> Failing this can anyone recommend any free Networm Management System 
> for Centos, I only need a simple solution just so
> that I can import mibs into it and send it traps!
> OpenNMS seemed a good choice as it does everything (although rather 
> too heavyweight for what I want), as its taken me and
> a few Java experts here more than two days to try and install OpenNMS 
> I think its time to move onto something else.
> Any advice is most welcome!
> Regards

Look at nagios - it can do snmp without many problems.  I have it 
reading the inlet air temperature on a router
and sending me mail ( YOUR SERVERS ARE ABOUT TO MELT ) when things get 
too hot because that damn
air conditioner has shut down again.  It also monitors several servers 
and a printer or two.

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