[CentOS] Sendmail Config Question

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Tue Oct 18 13:59:09 UTC 2005

Quoting Tom Brown <tom.brown at goodtechnology.com>:

> Hi
> Default sendmail setup on a centos4.1 box - I need to send report 
> type mails from this machine under cron. The SMTP relay i need to use 
> requires user/pass so how can i send user/pass smtp auth from within 
> the 'default' sendmail install? Anyone know what to change in 
> sendmail.mc

Two possible workarounds that I can think of.

Use Kerberos to authenticate local sendmail service to remote sendmail (by
generating keytab entry in /etc/krb5.keytab).  This is something you might try
if you already use Kerberos to authenticate users.  Might work (never 
it myself).

Use X.509 certificates to authenticate one sendmail to the other during
STARTTLS.  Create your own certificate authority (CA), and sign certificates
using your own CA.  Install certificates (including your CA certificate) into
sendmail.  Then in /etc/mail/access file allow relaying from client's DN or
simply from any DN that was signed by your CA.  See STARTTLS section of
/usr/share/sendmail-cf/README file for details (part of sendmail-cf RPM).

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