[CentOS] Perl modules not working properly when installed via yum?

dan.trainor dan.trainor at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 19:18:06 UTC 2005

Hello, all -

I've been dealing with this problem for quite a while, and most of my
solutions have just been dirty hacks.  I'd like to find an appropriate

I've installed perl modules in the past via yum.  Sure, they get
installed - but none of my perl applications can find them.  I know that
this is a long outstanding issue, because I have yet to find a real

Since I know nothing of perl, I'll go ahead and ask the stupid questions
here.  Is @INC defined anywhere in the system, where I can add paths to
it, to include additional modules?  Is inclusion of modules via @INC
recursive, or does each path need to be defined seperately?  I've tried
to define $PERL5LIB, as I was told that this would be prepended to @INC,
but this does not seem to be the case.

Anyone want to lend a hand with this?  I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for the time

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