[CentOS] Perl modules not working properly when installed via yum?

dan.trainor dan.trainor at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 22:32:32 UTC 2005

James Olin Oden wrote:
> On 10/18/05, dan.trainor <dan.trainor at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Hello, all -
>>I've been dealing with this problem for quite a while, and most of my
>>solutions have just been dirty hacks.  I'd like to find an appropriate
>>I've installed perl modules in the past via yum.  Sure, they get
>>installed - but none of my perl applications can find them.  I know that
>>this is a long outstanding issue, because I have yet to find a real
>>Since I know nothing of perl, I'll go ahead and ask the stupid questions
>>here.  Is @INC defined anywhere in the system, where I can add paths to
>>it, to include additional modules?  Is inclusion of modules via @INC
>>recursive, or does each path need to be defined seperately?  I've tried
>>to define $PERL5LIB, as I was told that this would be prepended to @INC,
>>but this does not seem to be the case.
> @INC is made up of the following paths in the order listed:
>     - paths added by the perl code itself
>     - paths from PER5LIB (but not if running in taint mode)
>     - compiled in paths.
> So if you did use PER5LIB it will work as long as:
>    - Your not running with taint turned on.
>    - The script you are running does not use "use lib".  In this case
> it will still
>      work but your search order is different (i.e. it gets libs from
> the use lib paths
>      first, which may not be what you want).
> My question is why are the perl modules not being found to begin with?
>  If they were built by cpanflute on the distribution your running then
> they should be just fine (as well as with the other tool to build rpms
> from cpan modules).

Good question.  Which is the basis on which I ask my question.

> Just so you know I build rpm from cpan modules all the time and don't
> have this problem.  I do have library path issues but that is because
> some closed-source libs we've written go in non-standard places (so I
> know how to manipute @INC more than I ever wanted to know).

I trust that dag builds RPMs in the same "correct" method, but am not
sure as to why they don't play well with existing base modules, or
modules already included in @INC.


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