[CentOS] Re: Easiest virtual mail setup?

Syv Ritch centos at 911networks.com
Wed Oct 19 15:04:43 UTC 2005

Morten wrote:
>> Hmmmm....   Well....  Since you used "eg.", I guess you are open to use
>> different applications then listed.  CentOS comes standard with 
>> Cyrus-imapd
>> (it's on the install CD, and you can also install it using yum).  Default
>> configuraion uses system accounts to authenticate, but it is trivial 
>> to change
>> it to authenticate against LDAP (for example).  Exim comes standard 
>> with CentOS
>> too.

The easiest and simples virtual mail setup is SME which is based 
on Centos 4. http://contribs.org.

Rock solid, email server installed and running in less than a 
hour. Unlimited virtual domains, IMAP, webmail, anti-virus, spam 

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