[CentOS] Duplicated packages after yum crash

chris hammond chris at tac.esi.net
Thu Oct 20 02:36:41 UTC 2005

I had the the duuplicate rpms happen on a x86_64 install and rpm didn't
crash to cause it.  I 
basically listed all installed rpms and removed the older versions of
the rpms that were 
dupilcated and did another yum update and all seems ok. 

>>>gpt at tirloni.org 10/19/05 10:22 pm >>>
Giovanni P. Tirloni wrote:
> I asked yum to update all packages on my CentOS 4.1 system and glibc
>was among them. Yum crashed in the middle and now I've some packages
>installed twice:
>      2 zlib-
>      2 ncurses-5.4-13
>      2 mysql-4.1.10a-2.RHEL4.1
>      2 libstdc++-3.4.4-2
>      2 libstdc++-3.4.3-22.1
>      2 libselinux-1.19.1-7
>      2 libgcc-3.4.4-2
>      2 libgcc-3.4.3-22.1
>      2 glibc-2.3.4-2.9
>      2 glibc-2.3.4-2.13
>      2 e2fsprogs-1.35-12.2.EL4
>      2 device-mapper-1.01.04-1.0.RHEL4
>      2 device-mapper-1.01.01-1.RHEL4
> Running yum again it complains about a package conflict:
>  Finished Transaction Test
>  Transaction Check Error:   file /usr/share/man/man1/asn1parse.1ssl.gz
>    from install of openssl-0.9.7a-43.4 conflicts with file from
>    openssl-0.9.7a-43.2
> This system was beatiful now I've that, ugh :(
> Any idea about how to fix that ? I'm afraid of touching glibc because
>this machine is on a datacenter 500Km away from here and it's pretty

 I'm trying to fix this mess. What I'm doing is using rpm -V to verify
the packages that are duplicated. For example, the newer glibc package
seems to verify just fine. And the old gives a lot of errors.

# rpm -V glibc-2.3.4-2.13
........C   /usr/lib64/gconv/gconv-modules.cache
.......T. c /etc/rpc
........C   /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules.cache

# rpm -V glibc-2.3.4-2.9
.......T. c /etc/rpc
S.5....T.   /lib/i686/libc-2.3.4.so
S.5....T.   /lib/i686/libm-2.3.4.so

 Can I assume yum installed the newer version and just wasn't able to
remove the old entry somehow ?

 I tried to remove the older apr package and it seems it worked... but
glibc is.. special.

Thanks in advance,

Giovanni P. Tirloni

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