[CentOS] Duplicated packages after yum crash

Pasi Pirhonen upi at iki.fi
Thu Oct 20 17:54:34 UTC 2005


On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 03:42:56PM -0200, Giovanni P. Tirloni wrote:
> chris hammond wrote:
> >
> >I had the the duuplicate rpms happen on a x86_64 install and rpm didn't 
> >crash to cause it.  I
> >basically listed all installed rpms and removed the older versions of 
> >the rpms that were
> >dupilcated and did another yum update and all seems ok.
>  Was glibc duplicated too ? That's what worries me. I think yum 
> probably crashed in the middle because of that. It's a x86_64 box here too.

let's go thru this once again

a) there seems to be duplicate package under x86-64

alias mrpm='rpm --queryformat "%{name}-%{version}-%{release}.%{arch}\n"' 

rpm -q --qf "%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}.%{ARCH}\n" 

or even

echo "%_query_all_fmt %%{name}-%%{version}-%%{release}.%%{arch}" >> ~/.rpmmacros

will make it like

[root at pata /]# rpm -q glibc

which will show one that there is two package and those are all right
as the other one si for 'compat arch x86'.

b) the update is terminated abnormally while packages are installed.

This migth be just me, but i really find it easiest to look under
/var/cache/yum for all the RPMS under there (as those are either old
updated ones or the terminated update ones) and mke a temo dir
somewhere. symlink all the RPMS from there to that dir. Look a bit if
there is something that i don't want --force update (like
kernel-packages) and do simply

rpm -Uvh --force *.rpm

This will reinstall what ever is there and when it's finnishing, it's
cleaning out those old duplicated (which the abnormally terminated
update would done anyway when finnishing). If there are sevearl old
versions available, rpm just replaces those with the new version.
Eventually you'll be at the point when you would have been w/o
interrupted update.

I've done this even once to lost rpmdb machine (which fortunately was
full install, so just --force everything over again :).

Pick up the tool, that allows you --force, when needed - it's not rocket

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