[CentOS] Backup Solutions based on Linux

H.U.Flueck huf at inomatix.com
Thu Oct 20 21:51:07 UTC 2005

Have a look at SEP
Commercial, but pricing is correct, disaster recovery bootable CD's 
(Knoppix baed) included in base product/license already, 30 day trials 

I tested Tapeware also - forget it - they concentrate on Windows, their 
Linux support is not good.

Joe Polk wrote:

> I'm having particular issues running Veritas in my Windows 
> environment. The agent just seems to baulk on some servers. I've 
> looked into backup solutions running on Linux before but there doesn't 
> seem to be much. Is anyone familiar with something that has Windows 
> agents and yet managed by Linux?
> <<JAV>>
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