[CentOS] Creating a USB Flash Installation Drive

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Fri Oct 21 09:31:46 UTC 2005

nethub at gmail.com wrote:
> With the decreasing price of USB Flash Memory Drives, I was wondering 
> how I would go about creating a USB Flash Drive that could be used the 
> same as CD 1 to install CentOS on my servers.

While you can boot from the USB Key, install from the usb key is not 
supported directly under anacoda. What you might need to do is ( if you 
have a 2.5 gig USB Key ), copy the install media onto the usb key, and 
then manually mount that under /mnt/sources at the right time.

> Has anyone done this, and if so, can you tell me the procedure to make 
> this work?

you need to  get the diskboot.img file from the /images directory on CD1 
( or on mirror.centos.org/centos/4/os/<arch>/images/ ) and copy that 
onto the key ( eg. dd if=diskboot.img of=/dev/sdc ). reboot the machine, 
select boot from usb in the BIOS. And you are done.

- K
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