[CentOS] Which imapd?

Oliver Falk oliver at linux-kernel.at
Mon Oct 24 07:28:31 UTC 2005

On 10/24/2005 08:02 AM, Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:
> Morten wrote:
>> Hi. What imapd can you recommend for minimum configuration and 
>> maintenance (no Cyrus)? This is for a small shop, so no hard 
>> performance requirements.
>> I'd prefer one where I don't have to build my own packages (no 
>> Courier, unless packages exist).
> Well, then use Dovecot.  Comes standard with CentOS.  Although, Cyrus 
> also needs minimal configuration and maintance, and has clear advantages 
> even for small shops.

I have cyrus-imapd packages available that should build on CentOS as 
well (originally build on RH8, now for FC*).

It's fine for all kind of mailservers (enterprise with many users as 
well as small business or just a few users)... I'm currently maintaining 
3 Cyrus mailservers (two with < 50 users as well as one with > 1500 
users and - of course - both run great!).


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