[CentOS] Which imapd?

jean-sebastien Hubert security at air-austral.com
Mon Oct 24 11:52:03 UTC 2005

Karanbir Singh wrote:

> jean-sebastien Hubert wrote:
>> Cyrus is very hard to install/configure/manage.
> Like I said before, I dont agree with that point of view at all -
> Cyrus is an excellent imapd that scales very well, from 3 user systems
> to 45,000 user systems ( the largest that I've seen, there are most
> likely larger setup's out there ).

Just use google; you will see that Cyrus is hard to make it run correctly.

> There is an old Indian saying : things you know about tend to be easy
> - things you have no clue about, tend to be really hard.
> When such arguments are raised, I find it has great significance,
> since it explains the entire argument over. So if you comfort zone is
> Courier, so be it, nothing wrong with that, use Courier - its a good
> email solution - but dont slag off Cyrus because of your mindset.
I talk about my experience:
I (still) have an old debian-woody with
To me (and hat was my mystake) the best way was: install a RHEL3 clone,
build cyrus and let's go; you have nothing to do.
3 days later: I fail.  I don't think I'm clever, but after 3 days I have
a half-working server .. and hard to maintain (I'm not the only system

So, the next day, I try courier+maildrop+postfix+postfixadm: I have a
full working server in 2 days.

At the beginning, my knoledge of cyrus and courier was close to zero.
So, if you can install such type of server in 2 minutes (or 2 yours) , I
will begin your  fan.
But I don't think that the common mortal human  can do that :-/  (sorry
for the strange "french translation" :)

>> Maybe; the problem with cyrus is when you use it with mysql and postfix
>> .. you need to recompile so many stuff , and more you
>> modify your distrib, more it's hard to apply security updates.
> You dont need to rebuild anything in order to get cyrus-imapd working
> with mysql, it works out of the box as supplied within CentOS4. Again,
> a point that emphasis your knowledge pool lies elsewhere.

The problem is in fact "postfix", there is no mysql support by default
(in RHAS4) , but the rpm is simple to rebuild.

>> Courier-imap is, when you compare, far easy to configure.
> Incorrect again. Its actually courier that you are going to need to
> rebuild from source, maintain and test yourself ( which includes
> tracking security fix's and vuln's over the Internet, rebuilding and
> testing on your own each time there is a fix etc, and if that fix
> involves a version update that breaks configs.... foobar! ).

courier is not complicated to maintain., so ... that's not a big problem.

> I think you missed my point about app acquisition + maint from the
> last email.
> Also,  we're drifting off here, Morten ( the OP ) wanted to know what
> imapd to use with the distro, Since Dovecot and Cyrus are included
> within the distro, my recommendation is going to be -> use one of
> them. Dovecot works out of the box, cyrus needs a couple of lines edited.
> - K

The main thing to have in mind: I'm in the cast where I'm still in a
RHAS3 clone, not RHAS4, that's why I prefer courier-imap.



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