[CentOS] More than 1 gcc version?

Tom Brown tom.brown at goodtechnology.com
Mon Oct 24 18:31:03 UTC 2005

> I just took a quick look into it.  Seems that your problem is not compiler
> version (btw, you'd also need compat-gcc-32-c++ if you want to compile the
> thing with the old version of compiler).  Looks more like version of mysql
> header files.  Your best bet would be to either contact author(s) of 
> aspseek or
> ask on mysql (devel?) list what to do with program that expects old header 
> files
> if you attempt to build it against new(er) mysql.

well in the end it did work using


and the exact same combination of aspseek and mysql did not compile using 
gcc3.4.4 - So not sure what the exact issue was but i got there in the end!!


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