[CentOS] Which imapd?

Nels Lindquist nlindq at maei.ca
Mon Oct 24 19:03:55 UTC 2005

On 24 Oct 2005 at 14:23, jean-sebastien Hubert wrote:


> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> I have a cyrus-imapd to admin (with mysql, postfix) and .. the thing i
> can say is: in the next 3 month, I will install courier to kick this
> ... of . (there is 500 accounts on this server)
> Cyrus is very hard to install/configure/manage.

You seem to be confusing Cyrus-IMAPD with Cyrus-SASL.  Cyrus-IMAPD 
doesn't use any kind of SQL backend, and I have no idea why you'd 
want to try.

Cyrus SASL is used by Cyrus IMAPD (and many other applications) for 
authentication support, and it can indeed be quite complex to 
configure because of the enormous number of available backends and 
configuration options.  Getting rid of Cyrus-IMAPD won't rid you of 
your SASL configuration headaches if, say, you're using SMTP AUTH 
with Postfix, because Postfix (along with many other MTAs) requires 
Cyrus-SASL for its AUTH support.


> Maybe; the problem with cyrus is when you use it with mysql and postfix
> .. you need to recompile so many stuff , and more you
> modify your distrib, more it's hard to apply security updates.

The version of Cyrus-SASL which shipped with CentOS3/RHEL3 is 
somewhat antiquated, and the SQL plugin support pretty clunky.  I'd 
strongly recommend that if you're using Cyrus software on RHEL3 or 
smilar, you should download Simon Mattar's Cyrus SRPMs:


Late in the SASL 2.1.x branch, support for both MySQL and Postgresql 
was shifted to a single sql plugin which allows for specific backend 
configuration in the sasl.conf files.

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