[CentOS] Server without keyboard

David Fletcher centos at fletchersweb.net
Tue Oct 25 09:48:13 UTC 2005

I'm trying to set up a small machine as a server using a Via EPIA SP 8000E 
mini ITX motherboard. It's got a fanless Eden processor and I'm using a SATA 
hard drive. The CD drive is removed, as I only wanted it to install CentOS 
and don't anticipate needing it again.

My problem is running this machine with CentOS without the keyboard. I've set 
the BIOS to ignore keyboard errors so it boots OK, but I can't get it to 
restart without a keyboard attached.

Logging into it as root via ssh and telling it to

shutdown -h now

works fine, but when I tell it to

shutdown -r now

it gets as far as the "Restarting system." message then just freezes.

Is there any known solution to this?


Dave Fletcher

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