[CentOS] Which imapd?

jean-sebastien Hubert security at air-austral.com
Tue Oct 25 11:59:31 UTC 2005

Karanbir Singh wrote:

> jean-sebastien Hubert wrote:
>> Try to make in run on a non RHAS4 system:
> why should I ?

To get a proof that cyrus* is not so trivial to install/configure :)

> It works fine on CentOS4. if you run some other distro, I am sure they
> have mailing lists you can take your gripe to.

Ok , so, If a software run fine on one or 2 distro, that mean "this
software is easy to install, you're just too stupid" ???
I repeat: I never try to install it on RHAS4 clone, so to me it was not
so "easy".
That's all :)

> There are reasons why people run a stable distro like CentOS, maybe
> you should consider moving - it might make things easier for you ( as
> you put it, some of the things we rate as being easy are very hard on
> other distro's )
Maybe, I will sure try it soon.

>> I agree .. but did you try to configure cyrus in Debian Woody ??? I'm
>> not sure ....
> if debian is brain dead and has issues, please take it to their
> mailing lists, we dont really care ...
> - K

Thanks to not scorn Debian ... I thought that a free-software project
like CentOS was a little more "open", like RH or Mandriva is.

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