[CentOS] Kernel 2.6.9 hangs

Fong Vang sudoyang at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 03:22:58 UTC 2005

I upgraded from a RedHat 9 to CentOS 4.1 system using yum without any hiccup.

Upon reboot, the kernel appears to be stalled after printing this
message: "Creating block devices".  Keyboard is still responsive and
you can press ALT-CTRL-DEL to reboot the system (when pressed, it says
something about MD being unmounted).

This is the last few lines before it hangs:

Freeing unused kernel memory: 176k freed
Rd Hat nash version starting
Mounted /proc/filesystem
Mounting sysfs
Loading jbd.ko module
Loading ext3.ko module
Creating block devices

The kernel I'm using is the kernel-smp-2.6.9-11.EL.i686.rpm (I've also
tried the uni processor kernel with the same result).

What happens after creating block devices?  Any idea what to look for/check?


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