[CentOS] Default number of serial ports

Sean McAdam sean at fredcom.com
Wed Oct 26 13:25:21 UTC 2005

Hi all:

My question is concerning the default number of serial ports compiled 
into the standard CentOS 4.x kernel.  It looks like the default is 8, is 
that correct, and is there a simple way to raise the default that 
without needing to recompile the kernel?  I looked though the /proc 
directories and I do not see anything there.  I have two 8 port serial 
cards, which bring my total serial ports to 18 with the two on the 
motherboard.  The does system assigns ttyS* to the 2 onboard, and the 
first 6 on the first serial card.  I can tweak these first 6 with 
setserial  and they work

My goal it avoid having to recompile the kernel from the stock disto.


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