[CentOS] Mail Server

ijez ijez at time.net.my
Fri Oct 28 05:09:24 UTC 2005


> Personally, for such a setup - I'd go with postfix-mysql + cyrusimapd, 
> and for webadmin you can throw in web-cyradm. That will let you manage 
> virtual users / domains / forwards / autoreplies etc

This one is include in the base CentOS right? have any link for intergrade those applications?

> One of the most recommended setup's to combat spam, cheaply, seems to be 
> implementing greylisting within postfix. In most cases that reduced your 
> spam intake by almost 98% without any extra cost on cpu or bandwidth.
> For antivirus filtering take a look at MailScanner ( 
> http://mailscanner.info/ ) it integrates well into CentOS3 or 4. And can 
> work with most antivirus scanners that work on Linux.
> Johnny has a couple of excellent guides on his website at 
> http://www.hughesjr.com/
> - K

Thanks for the links, I will check it later this day..

Thanks In Advances,

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