[CentOS] Mail Server

ijez ijez at time.net.my
Fri Oct 28 05:55:31 UTC 2005


>> The objective is, the mailserver will  be easy to setup, maintained and have some 
>> 1. database backend for storing user info ( mysql? )
> LDAP, almost everything can work with it out-of-the-box.  SQL database 
> support varries, and usually needs additional plugins.  If you know 
> exactly what you are doing, SQL might be good way to go regardless. 
> With CentOS you get Postgresql and MySQL.  Personally, I am fan of 
> former, although later is more popular.
>> 2. spam and antivirus filtering
> For free, MIMEDefang, SpamAssassin, ClamAV.  Commercial, I heard that 
> Sophos antispam works fabolously.
>> 3. webbase user administrations
> I used custom made stuff.  If you use Horde/IMP for webmail (there's 
> also other applications from Horde framework for managing calendars, 
> filters, and so on), Horde has some ability for web based user 
> management too.
>> 4. Provide smtp,smtps,pop3,pop3s,imap,imaps service
> Sendmail or postfix (Sendmail has better plugin support for 
> anti-spam/virus scanners, Postfix is easier to configure but is not as 
> configurable as Sendmail).  Dovecot or Cyrus (as packaged in CentOS it 
> is really trivial to setup).  Cyrus scales well, and is suitable for 
> small and large installations.  There's huge difference when opening 
> mailbox with 40,000+ emails (and I've got couple of 'em) in Dovecot and 
> Cyrus.  So even if you have two users, Cyrus might be good way to go.
> If you are going to do webmail too, Squirrelmail (or whatever it is 
> called) is part of CentOS.  Horde project has IMP (you'd need to install 
> Horde, than IMP under Horde).  Horde project also has bunch of 
> additional applications that integrate with each other for calendaring, 
> todo lists, generating server-side mail filters (supported are procmail 
> for "unix-account-based" mailboxes, and sieve for Cyrus based 
> mailboxes), and much more.  Check http://www.horde.org/ for more info. 
> Installing Horde/IMP for the very first time might seem a bit 
> complicated since it requires bunch of additional PHP module, but it 
> might be worth it.
> Also, check "which imapd" thread from couple of days ago.

Thanks, this is really interesting since all the applications are CentOS default.. I need to study all those first and if you could provided any how-to or guide on integrating this, I'll really appreciates it.

Thanks In Advances.

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