[CentOS] CentOS with VMware issues

Dustin Krysak mailinglists at backbonetechnology.com
Fri Oct 28 22:13:38 UTC 2005

Good day everyone.....

I have an install of centos 4.0 patched to 4.2 as my base install. I  
then installed VMWare 3.2 (gx)  over top. I was then going through  
the install of centos 4.2 (non-patched - latest ISO's) into a virtual  
machine. Now here is where the issue happens.... on the install, the  
file "xorg-x11" causes a typical "file can not be access/ file not  
found" error. I have tried 2 sets of disks (different media even) on  
my older ISO images, and then even started with the current ISO  
images on another set of new media. The same symptom always occurs.  
On the same file, every-time. HAs anyone come across this? Does  
anyone have CentOS working with VMWare?

Thanks in advance!


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