[CentOS] sshd problems

Thomas E Dukes edukes at alltel.net
Sat Oct 29 11:05:51 UTC 2005


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> Thomas E Dukes wrote on Fri, 28 Oct 2005 22:22:27 -0400:
> > For some reason ssh has stopped working.  Its been a good 
> while since 
> > I tried to login remotely so I figure an upgrade is 
> probably to blame 
> > as it was working some time ago.
> Are you sure that is is not working? You will get this kind 
> of message after upgrade to 4.2 but it won't stop sshd 
> working (see earlier thread about a week ago).
> Kai

Thanks for everyones response!

The problem was uncommenting the ListenAddress line.  It is now working.

Again, thanks

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