[CentOS] Cyrus firstname.lastname at domain

Dave Hornford OSD at HornfordAssociates.com
Sun Oct 30 18:51:15 UTC 2005

Oliver Falk wrote:

> Dave Hornford wrote:
>> I'm converting an environment from mandrake to centos, and always try 
>> to use the applications standard on the distribution. This means a 
>> switch from courier to cyrus.
>> A bit of reading uncovered a potential problem - the site uses 
>> firstname.lastname at domain, and I have come across references that 
>> Cyrus does not support this. I couldn't find this limitation in the 
>> Cyrus documentation.
>> Is it true?
> Hmm. Do you need it as >username<? You could create usernames as 
> firstname_lastname at domain and use the virtusertable to map 
> firstname.lastname at domain to the loginname using the '_'.
> Another posibility would be to use LDAP... Harder...
> And yet another posibility (taken from man imapd.conf):
>    unixhierarchysep: 0
>      Use  the  UNIX  separator  character  '/' for delimiting levels of
>      mailbox hierarchy.  The default is to use  the  netnews  separator
>      character '.'.

Oliver, Thanks
All I need to do is maintain email address format 
firstname.lastname at domain, I do not need these as either 
unix/windows(samba) usernames. Currently these are a mixed bag of 
firstname, initiallastname & lastname. One step on the migration is to 
at least standardize the new ones.

Any suggestions on whether we'd be better off operationally using ldap 
to control the mapping or the virtusertable. It is a smallish site (<50 
users), who are looking for a very automated administrative/operations 

This is my first cyrus so what I don't know is everything :-)


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