[CentOS] Cyrus firstname.lastname at domain

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Sun Oct 30 20:20:38 UTC 2005

Dave Hornford wrote:
> A bit of reading uncovered a potential problem - the site uses 
> firstname.lastname at domain, and I have come across references that Cyrus 
> does not support this. I couldn't find this limitation in the Cyrus 
> documentation.

Do they use them for usernames and email, or just email?  If they use 
them for usernames, simply create such mailboxes.  If they use them for 
email only (and use normal usernames), than it is MTA thing, not Cyrus 
thing.  If you use sendmail as MTA, you can use virtusertable feature to 
map firstname.lastname at domain to usernames.

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