[CentOS] Cyrus firstname.lastname@domain

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Mon Oct 31 16:20:36 UTC 2005

Quoting Dave Hornford <OSD at HOrnfordAssociates.com>:

> Its the result of reading something about an app I know nothing about 
> and attempting to head-off a problem before I get there.
> In retrospect what I read, and the follow-up google searches that 
> showed there might be a problem, were from people who knew less than 
> I did.
> But that is the internet - help files and directions written for 
> people who know what to do, and help queries from the lost, who don't 
> even know what terminology to use when asking for help.

My guess is that what you found on the web were problems with usernames
containing dots.  Not email addresses containing dots.  If users have 
as you described (with no dots), you should be fine.  Translation from
first.last at domain to usernames is most likely done at MTA level, whatever they
used for MTA.  If they used sendmail or postfix, you probably won't have any
additional work to do.  If they used Courier's MTA module, you'd need to
replace that with either sendmail or postfix and create table with mappings
between email addresses and usernaems (either using aliases or 

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