[CentOS] Raid / dual Opteron power issues

Chris Mauritz chrism at imntv.com
Fri Sep 2 19:40:04 UTC 2005

Evan Bursey wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-08-26 at 15:52, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
>>Evan Bursey <ehbursey at lbl.gov> wrote:
>>>I've just started caring for a dual Opteron machine.  It
>>>has a 3Ware 9500S-12 RAID controller, a Tyan S2882G3NR
>>>motherboard, 10 IBM 400GB disk drives, and a 650 watt power
>>Ouch, that's pushing it bad.  I use a 550W with an old
>>dual-P3 (sub-20W/each) and 3Ware Escalade 7800 with 8 x PATA
>>at home.
>>Most of my other installations that have 8-12 drives are
>>typically 6U or pedestal with 850W or 1000W 2+1 2xSSI power

Hmmm...my mail filter must be malfunctioning...  8-)

Bryan is right.  Your machine doesn't have nearly a large enough power 
supply.  Between the drives/processors/fans/fancy mood lighting/etc I'm 
surprised that it even boots.  As Bryan mentioned, PC Power and Cooling 
(also my preferred vendor for power supplies) has what you need.  The 
turbocool 850SSI will probably solve your problem.  PCPC tends to be 
very conservative when rating their supplies unlike most of the bottom 
feeder Taiwanese/Chinese suppliers (which is undoubtedly where the 
supply in your supermicro case came from).

Also, if that machine is doing anything remotely important, do yourself 
a favor and buy some spare drives now and run it in RAID5 with some hot 
spares.  You WILL lose drives.  The Hitachi/IBM drives have reliability 
issues.  Going forward, I'd recommend you stick with the equivalent 
Seagate parts if that's an option for you. 


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