[CentOS] Incompatible Libraries

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Sat Sep 3 01:51:47 UTC 2005


    Thanks for the info.  Best I can tell by looking at the various 
makefiles, and where I've changed them, the linking is looking at the 
64-bit libs.  I'm no programmer by any means, but I've built a few 
things in years past.  Anyhow, one package, ncar graphics still gives 
the same messages about the incompatible libs, even with it pointing to 
the 64-bit lib directory.  In building the mm5 products, the actual mm5 
exe will build without hitch using the portland group compiler, but when 
using ifort of the intel 9.0 compiler, it too fails with the lib 
errors.  I'm just not educated enough to know why there is an 
incompatibility.  I'll ask around on some of the other discussion boards 
directly related to ncarg and mm5 and see what I can dig up there.



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