[CentOS] CentOS bootstrapper for chroot(2) environment

Karanbir Singh Mail-Lists at karan.org
Sat Sep 3 14:58:02 UTC 2005

Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> Hi,
> just some script built along: Unattended install & run CentOS-4.1 just using
> chroot(1). Mostly a surprise for me it was so easy to reach that goal.
> It requires rpm(1) based host OS and it was tested only on Fedora Core 4.
> I needed it to do only a bit customized CentOS kernel package rebuild.


looks + sounds good. But tell me, did you try the --installroot options 
for yum  as well ? building a chroot with that can be as simple as doing 
this :

yum --installroot="/exports/chroots/c4-i386" groupinstall base


- KB
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