[CentOS] Why is yum not liked by some?

Todd Cary todd at aristesoftware.com
Mon Sep 5 16:26:13 UTC 2005

Oliver -

Thank you for your detail explanation...


Oliver Falk wrote:

> On 09/05/2005 04:58 PM, Todd Cary wrote:
>> I have seen messages posted on the Fedora oriented forums that imply 
>> that "yum" is  antiquated.  Not being a Linux guru, I do not have the 
>> experience to make a thorough evaluation, but so far it has been just 
>> great.
> First of all: You shall not believe everything that you read. :-)
> Yum, is one of the youngest players in the rpm update world. Yum has 
> been (re-)written by Seth Vidal.
> Project page: http://linux.duke.edu/projects/yum/
> Nothing more to say, if you read the project page. Yum is still under 
> active development by Seth and friends; So antiquated is not correct!
> What is antiquated in some way is up2date. It's still used by RH and 
> there are good reasons for 'em to use it...
> What is also antiquated in some way is apt. But my recommandation 
> against apt comes from technical view: apt wasn't meant to play with 
> rpm, even if it seems to work fine.
> However...
> yum is currently the best tool for Fedora, CentOS, AlphaLinux, etc. 
> because it's easy to use, it's easy to build own repositories and 
> there are MANY yum-repositories out there allready... And yum knows 
> how to play well with rpm...
> Best,
>  Oliver
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