[CentOS] LDAP/iptables

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> You don't appear to have a rootpw, or did you remove it for 
> reasons of protecting it. Oh, I also see you are using sasl. 
> Is sasl-authd setup and running? It might help to start with 
> a simplified setup: comment out the sasl-regexp line and add 
> a rootpw and move the rootdn back to simple auth. Just to 
> rule out any issues with sasl.

I was following the LDAP HowTo and first setup a password with slappasswd
but was not able to login.  Then as I read further and got to the sasl
section I setup the password using sasalpasswd2.  Then I could login.  

I just don't think I have it setup to listen to TCP port 389 or I have a
firewall issue.

> /etc/openldap/ldap.conf (not to be confused with 
> /etc/ldap.conf which is for pam_ldap/nss_ldap from PADL) is 
> for the any of the client applications or programs linked 
> against the openldap libraries. You might need/want some 
> things in ldap.conf depending on your setup. For instance, if 
> you a self-signed certificate for ldaps, you'll want to
> include:
> Good luck,
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