[CentOS] php mail extensions

Martin Hamant mh at accelance.fr
Tue Sep 6 07:31:02 UTC 2005

Le Sun, 4 Sep 2005 23:03:43 -0500
"Melinda Odom" <info at designhosting.biz> écrivait:

> Hi,

hi !

> I have recently had problems with doing a security update from the
> centos mirrors where the mail extensions were missing from the php
> package so any ecommerce sites stopped after the update via yum:
> php i386 4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1 update
> php-imap i386 4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1 update
> php-mysql i386 4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1 update
> php-pgsql i386 4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1 update
> We reverted back to php-4.3.2-24 to quickly solve the problem.
> Is there a mirror that has the complete package for CentOS 3.5?
> Also, am considering upgrading to CentOS 4 so is this easily done
> from 3.5 and would there be any problems with the packages for 4?

Take a look at centos-announce list !

And the associed bug report :



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