[CentOS] Changing permissions on files that only exist during USB operation [SOLVED]

Dave Gutteridge dave at tokyocomedy.com
Tue Sep 6 15:52:21 UTC 2005

Please don't take this personal, as I respect and understand your help, 
and that of everyone else on this list.

But I'm really not sure where you're going by talking of how I framed 
this discussion around permissions. Somehow you seem to be implying that 
I was looking for a particular kind of solution on my terms, or that to 
have asked about permissions in the first place was somehow a flawed 

Before I we get too deep into a "you said, I said" debate, all I'm 
trying to say was that I would not, and I doubt most normal newbies, try 
to steer a thread in any direction, regardless of it's starting point. I 
have no particular preference for any kind of solution, other than ones 
that work, regardless of how the solution is reached.

Whenever I come across a problem, I do my best to search the net for 
solutions so that I can hopefully answer them myself, or, failing that, 
to phrase my question in the most sensible way possible. I will always 
try to give my questions a context so that I am not just saying "it's 
not working, tell me what to do".

That approach will always give my thread a starting framework. If there 
is a better approach to asking questions on this list, please let me 
know what that is.


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